Looking up Django model fields from strings

2015-02-16 python django Comments

A short snippet for finding model fields from Django lookup strings.

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Formatting floats to a specific number of significant digits in Python

A Python function for formatting floats to a specific number of significant digits. This is a port of Javascripts Number.toPrecision method.

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A Couple of Django South & SQL Server Migration Tips

Problems and solutions to a couple of issues I ran into using Django South & SQL Server

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Asus N13 Windows 8 Drivers

Finding the right Windows 8 Drivers for the Asus N13 USB Wifi Stick

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Prototyping Interfaces with Django (CBV version)

A CBV update to Dave Bertrand's "Better UI Prototyping with a Django Twist" post

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Debuggex - A visual regex debugging tool

Debuggex is an excellent online tool for debugging regexes.

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Papers & Talks now Available

2013-02-05 general Comments

I really like the idea of making all publicly funded research available for free online...

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Hello World

2013-01-26 general Comments

First post!

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