A tool for patient specific dose volume histogram QA

Note all work on RxCheck was completed while working at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. All rights to the code belong to TOHCC. The demonstration version on this site is available with their permission.

Tech Used

A selection of the tech that RxCheck is built with:

  • Python & Django
  • Fabric
  • numpy, scipy, pandas
  • Knockout.js
  • jQuery
  • Flot
  • Bootstrap 3
RxCheck can be deployed on Linux, Windows or Mac servers.


RxCheck is a web application built to do semi-automated quality assurance checks on radiotherapy treatments. It works by importing dose volume histograms from treatment planning systems and comparing the radiation dose in patients organs and target volumes to predefined dosimetry constraints defined by the patients careplan.

For example a Careplan for a prostate patient might inclue the following constraints:

  • PTV_7600:V7600cGy ≥ 95.0%
  • PTV_7600:V7220cGy ≥ 98.0%
  • PTV_7600:V8132cGy ≤ 2.0%:
  • PTV_6000:V6000cGy ≥ 95.0%
  • PTV_6000:V5700cGy ≥ 98.0%
  • CTV_7600:V7600cGy ≥ 100.0%
  • CTV_6000:V6000cGy ≥ 100.0%
  • Femur_L:V5000cGy ≤ 5.0%
  • Femur_R:V5000cGy ≤ 5.0%
  • Rectum:V7500cGy ≤ 15.0%
  • Rectum:V7000cGy ≤ 25.0%
  • Rectum:V6500cGy ≤ 35.0%
RxCheck allows you to easily import a patients DVH data and automatically check them against these constraints (Fig 2.). Careplan constraints can be skipped when not relevant and ad-hoc constraints can be added on the fly for special cases.

RxCheck also allows you to save patient plans and generate aggregate statistics about how well your treatment plans are conforming to Careplans on average across your clinic (Fig 3).

Treatment planning systems

A flexible architecture (Fig 1.) has been used to make it very simple to add support for any treatment planning system or other sources of DVH data with very little code. Currently, importing backends for Monaco, XiO and Tomotherapy treatment planning systems are available.

Live Demo

A live demo of RxCheck will be online very soon.

More Info

For more information on this project please contact Dan La Russa at TOH. If you email me, I can put you in touch with him.


Click on any of the figures for high res versions.

Fig 1. RxCheck Architechture RxCheck Architechture

Fig 2. RxCheck Plan Check of a prostrate treatment Checking a plan in RxCheck

Fig 3. RxCheck Statistics RxCheck statistics page

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