Safety & Incident Learning System

Note all work on SaILS was completed while working at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. All rights to the code belong to TOHCC. The demonstration version on this site is available with their permission.

Tech Used

A selection of the tech that SaILS is built with:

  • Python & Django
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
SaILS can be deployed on Linux, Windows or Mac servers.


SaILS is an incident learning system custom built for the needs of the radiation medicine program at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre. It allows staff anywhere within the clinic to submit an incident report from any device with access to the hospital network (Fig 1).

SaILS also facilitates the triaging and investigation of incidents by allowing incidents to be assigned to specific investigators. The results of the investigation are recorded in SaILS (Fig 2.) and can be reviewed at any time in the future (Fig 3.). Follow-up actions (e.g. implement a new interlock) can be assigned and tracked until they are completed.

Aggregates statistics (Fig 4.) about all the incidents occuring in a given calendar year are made available to all staff within the clinic. This makes it very easy to spot trends in the types of incidents which are ocurring in the clinic allowing staff to decide where to focus their efforts in improving clinical practices.

All incident data from SaILS can easily be exported to Excel or CSV format for easier data mining.

Live Demo

A live demo of SaILS will be online very soon.

More Info

For more information on this project please contact Crystal Angers at TOH. If you email me, I can put you in touch with him.


Click on any of the figures for high res versions.

Fig 1. Reporting an incident in SaILS Report an incident in SaILS

Fig 2. Investigating an incident in SaILS Recording investigation notes in SaILS

Fig 3. Review past incident in SaILS Review past incidents in SaILS

Fig 4. Incident statistics for a calendar year Review statistics for incidents in the clinic

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